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    OK, I've done the job for you then ;)

    As I don't want to create an SVN account only for submitting such a little patch, I post it here.

    It adds an option to DynRepBar called 'increaseonly' (I know, it sucks), which defaults to true. When true, the "LOST" part in the code is skipped, so only reps increases are shown.

    I'm familiar neither with LUA nor Ace API, so it may contains bad things, but it actually works.
    > increaseonly = {
    > type = 'toggle',
    > name = 'Only Reps Increasing',
    > desc = 'Change bar only on reputation increase.',
    > get = function() return DynRepBar.db.char.increaseonly end,
    > set = function(u) DynRepBar.db.char.increaseonly = u end,
    > },
    > increaseonly = true,
    > if not self.db.char.increaseonly then
    > -- Only watch is requested
    > end
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    I've seen no post about DynRepBar, so I write this one. Hope this is OK.

    I'm a user of DynRepBar and in TBC, with Aldor and Scrier reps, one goes up when the other comes down (and that was already the case with BB and Bloodsail for example).

    The problem is, in the log, the reps are shown in this order: +rep then -rep. So, DynRepBar switches to -rep automaticaly. as it is the last one displayed.
    But, I (and I guess I'm not the only one) am interested in +rep only.
    So, wouldn't it be possible to add an option not to change the rep bar when the rep goes down?

    Thanks for reading, happy coding :)

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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    BT1 was nice : Blizard bars without all the junk, movables.
    BT2 was great : BT1 + sticky frames.
    BT3 is a pain in the neck : the keybindings are not the same as the one used by the Blizard UI (even is the Blizard one work, they do not show in buttons frames), there are tons of configurations needed everywhere (why not have an unique way to set the appearence of the buttons for example?), the default configuration is hardly usage as soon as shapeshifting of stance is involved, and there's no more sticky frames (I know this is not the most important point, but gives a real comfort configuring its UI), ...

    So, why is everything so complicated? Why not going to something simple?
    Ace addons seem to take the complicated way all the time (thinking of Prat, Cartographer* and BT3 in particular).

    A WoW player dreaming of a clean and easy to set-up UI.

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