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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Sahalrys
    Getting this error when I mouse over target of target while in a raid and in combat. Can't figure it out.

    I am getting this as well with the added effect of breaking my glyphs. My enhanced scorch starts not working after I get this error and works again after I relog. I have recreated this multiple times.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    What is going on with the Alpha found on http://code.google.com/p/autobar/downloads/list ? Is there a plan to continue updating this one? I have been using it for months now and really like it. I would love to see it updated.

    I am assuming that the autobar202... is the old version that I also used in the past?

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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Nevcairiel »

    No option, no. Deal with it. :) You can, however, still use the petbar if you prefer that, because it will not be hidden.
    However i fail to see the point why anyone wouldn't want to use the mainbar, specially in Teron fight, pressing 3-5 is way easier then using the petbar shortcuts

    My main bar isn't switching though, the pet bar shows the buttons but the mainbar shows my normal buttons. Take for example the Shartuul event. I can click the pet bar buttons or hit the hotkeys for petbar functions but my main bar stays at my mages normal buttons.

    Very frustrating.

    Any idea how to get this fixed?

    FYI, I just deleted all WTF folders and re-loaded all of my addons.

    Here is my list of addons

    [!Swatter] [+Wowhead_Looter]
    [Ace2] [ArenaPointer]
    [Ash_Cooldowns] [Ash_Core]
    [Ash_DoTimer] [AtlasLoot]
    [AtlasLoot_BCInstances] [AtlasLoot_OldInstances]
    [AtlasLoot_RepFactions] [AtlasLoot_SetsandPvP]
    [AtlasLoot_WorldLoot] [Auc-Advanced]
    [Auc-Filter-Basic] [Auc-ScanData]
    [Auc-Stat-Simple] [AutoBar]
    [AutoProfitX] [Bagnon]
    [Bagnon_Forever] [Bagnon_Options]
    [Bagnon_Tooltips] [Bartender3]
    [BeanCounter] [beql]
    [BetterItemCount] [Blizzard_AuctionUI]
    [Blizzard_BattlefieldMinimap] [Blizzard_BindingUI]
    [Blizzard_CombatText] [Blizzard_CraftUI]
    [Blizzard_GMSurveyUI] [Blizzard_GuildBankUI]
    [Blizzard_InspectUI] [Blizzard_ItemSocketingUI]
    [Blizzard_MacroUI] [Blizzard_RaidUI]
    [Blizzard_TalentUI] [Blizzard_TradeSkillUI]
    [Blizzard_TrainerUI] [Cartographer]
    [Cartographer_Data] [Cartographer_Icons]
    [Cartographer_Mining] [ChatThrottleLib]
    [Chinchilla] [Chronos]
    [ClearFont2] [CT_BuffMod]
    [cyCircled] [DBM_API]
    [DBM_Battlegrounds] [DBM_BlackTemple]
    [DBM_GUI] [DBM_Hyjal]
    [DBM_Karazhan] [DBM_Outlands]
    [DBM_Serpentshrine] [DBM_TheEye]
    [DBM_ZulAman] [Decursive]
    [DemonTrainerFrame] [DoTimer_Package]
    [Earth] [Enchantrix]
    [Enchantrix-Barker] [EnhTooltip]
    [Examiner] [FeatureFrame]
    [FireTree] [FishingBuddy]
    [FuBar] [FuBarPlugin-2.0]
    [FuBar_ClockFu] [FuBar_DurabilityFu]
    [FuBar_ExperienceFu] [FuBar_LocationFu]
    [FuBar_PerformanceFu] [FuBar_SpeedFu]
    [GFW_FactionFriend] [GFW_Gemologist]
    [GFW_HuntersHelper] [GFW_ReagentCost]
    [InFlight] [InFlight_Load]
    [Informant] [Khaos]
    [lightHeaded] [lightHeaded_A20_Data]
    [lightHeaded_A40_Data] [lightHeaded_A60_Data]
    [lightHeaded_A80_Data] [lightHeaded_deDE_Data]
    [lightHeaded_H20_Data] [lightHeaded_H40_Data]
    [lightHeaded_H60_Data] [lightHeaded_H80_Data]
    [lightHeaded_NPC_Data] [lightHeaded_Quest_Data]
    [ManyItemTooltips] [MBB]
    [MCP] [MetaHud]
    [MetaHudOPT] [MobInfo2]
    [Ogri'Lazy] [Omen]
    [OmniCC] [OmniCC_Options]
    [Outfitter] [PartyCastingBars]
    [Prat] [RatingBuster]
    [ReadyCheckAnnouncer] [ReagentID]
    [RecipeKnown] [RecipeRadar]
    [Recount] [sct]
    [sct_options] [Sea]
    [Skillet] [Stubby]
    [StupidMount2] [TomTom]
    [travelingTomTom] Wowhead_Client.exe
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Akeria »

    Im having trouble with Shapeshifting/Stealthing. I use this for my Rogue and druid and only my Druid is getting the problem. When i shapeshift Action Bar 1 doesnt change to the bear or cat bar. What do i do to fix it?

    I am having this same problem. Anything that would have shifted bar 1 is not working properly, Rogue Stealth, Shartuul Event, etc.

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