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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    @ Jerry

    any update on the "aura icons in target frame" issue?

    Anything else you need folks with the problem to do / record / screenshot? Just looking for ways to help you if your trying to figure out what the problem is.

    Every other day or so I tend to try a few things to troubleshoot/fix the issue. No progress so far on my end at least.
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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    Quote from HunterZ »

    @voln: Just a long shot, but: you aren't running both Pitbull_Aura and Pitbull_AltAura at the same time are you?

    Unfortunately no, I wish it was that easy ;]

    One other thing I was thinking of....what if this "bug" is possibly class based? Jerry you have a warlock you can try to run pitbull_altaura on? Or are other locks having this issue? Reaching here...
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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    Hey Jerry, an update about the "aura icons in target frame" issue...

    I decided to backup my entire WTF directory and start from scratch to try to isolate the issue. All I installed was the entire pitbull package and pitball_altaura. I also had to install Librock and LibAce2. So the only thing I was running was pitbull, pitbull_altaura and required dependencies. Confirmed that the issue still occurred. This was using the latest versions WAU2 pulled down as of 11/23/07 at 8:02pm EST.

    So I restored my WTF directory and did more tests in-game. Aestil had informed me how to remove the cooldown spirals (Global Settings -> Aura -> Cooldown spiral) so I decided to do that. Well some issues cropped up and I am mentioning them because it seems related to the "aura icons in target frame" issue.

    I am going to link some images in a timeline with text descriptions in the hopes it may help you figuring out whats going on. This session, I had my normal addons enabled (pretty big list) as the same type of issues happened when I just had pitbull + pitbull_altaura + dependencies loaded:

    Here is the first mob I came to outside shat. I had not yet toggled off the cooldown spirals, went with shadowbolt + immolate + curse of agony and started drain life. Right when I started drain life, I got the frame bug as shown.

    In this shot I moved on to a 2nd mob, a Basalisk. Here we did not have the frame issue right away, but look at the targets aura icons to the right...its showing MY buffs + the mob's debuffs. Incase your wondering, that "target of target" frame has its aura's turned off and even if they were on, they show below that frame.

    I went ahead and targeted myself at this point. I dont have a screenshot of this before what you see above, but I can tell you the aura's for my target (myself) showed the normal icons. In this screenshot, I had just unchecked "cooldown spiral" and look what happened to the aura's, I got doubles!

    Look what happened when I went ahead and unchecked "zoom textures"...they all went back to normal...ok...

    Back to a fight. You can "sorta" see the option window in the background here, I still had "cooldown spiral" and "zoom textures" unchecked. Here we see the target's aura's are back to showing mine + the mobs, but it also looks like some spaces and a missing icon. Also something new...aura backgrounds for the "target of target" window.

    Same mob in this one but I just launched a fear. Look what happend to the aura's, their back to normal and it happened right when I feared the mob. Only thing I can think of here besides the spell itself was the fact that you lose agro when you fear something. You can tell of course because my "target of target" frame has vanished. Interesting!

    Decided to fly back to shat and exit the game, but before I did, I targeted myself. Notice the target aura's have "doubled" again and also look at the combat icon spot in the bottom left of the target has been replaced here with the icon for a "adept's elixir" i had on me at the time! Notice the aura backgrounds both in the target and target of target frames.

    So I don't log out and instead pull up my options window again. Here in this shot, I rechecked "zoom textures". Not much different here except look at the aura background for the "Target of target" frame...Now compare it to the screenshot directly above this screenshot and below...also look at the combat/rest icon spot in the bottom left of the target frame. Notice how the icon there changes from a adept's elixir to the fortitude buff. Also notice how the aura icon background for the "Target of target" frame changes. This whole time, the target aura's remained the same.

    Heres the screenshot with me unchecking "zoom textures". Its roughly the same as the screenshot 2 sections before this one. Just showing the differences again with the combat/rest icon spot and the aura texture background change.


    Sorry if this is a long post, just hoping some of the information I give you here might give you some idea's on where the problem may lie.
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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    Side question for you Jerry,

    I cant remember if this setting is in aura (altaura) or somewhere else in pitbull.

    Is there a way to disable the "time fade" of the altaura icons? Like if you cast a 30 minute buff, the aura is bright and full colored. At 15 minutes, half of it is darker and half of it is lighter. If theres 1 minute left, most of the icon is darker shaded.

    I did not see this setting anywhere in the altaura menu's, but since I am not sure if this is somewhere else in pitbull I figured I would ask.

    *EDIT* Jerry in response to your post above, let me know if you need anymore screenshots or if you want me to test anything. I have no problem reliably reproducing the bug so anything I can do to help, I will do.
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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    An Update...

    I configured Bugsack to show all the errors, even trivial ones...but no errors were generated when the graphics glitch occured. I did confirm that whats happening is my buffs icons on myself are being put in as the background to the target frame. I can see graphics for certain demonic sacrafice effects, fel armor, detect invisibility and underwater breathing.

    I run with the aura's off on my player frame and I use Satrina Buff Frames to show my buffs. I disabled Satrina Buff Frames, but still had the issue. I enabled aura's on my player, but still had the issues with the target frame ONLY.

    Out of idea's...would love to use this addon as I can notice a huge difference in performance, especially during raids...but the graphics glitch is too distracting to work with.

    Here are screenshots of my options...the screens I did not show are on their default settings.

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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    This bug is known to happen on some conditions for some people. It occurs with PitBull_Aura as well. Sadly, I can't reproduce it localy.

    My guess is that somehow the Aura buttons get protected and refuse to be re-anchored.

    Do you have an error management addon, like Bugsack ? If yes, could you make sure to enable all errors, even the one that are related to taint. If not, make sure you enable the display of errors in the default interface and check if one occurs when the bug occurs.

    Well I have never seen the issue with PitBull_Aura, but i dont doubt that it could have the same problem.

    I do run bugsack with the default settings, so I will go look at the options and turn on whatever I can. I can tell you with whatever the defaults are, the icon in fubar remains green (no errors). I can easily reproduce the problem with Pitbull_AltAura, so I will let you know if bugsack pops anything up when I change the verbose settings.

    Pitbull -> Target -> Other -> Alt-Auras -> Enable
    Buffs (Enabled)
    Debuffs (Enabled)

    If this setting is used, things seem to be fine. However if Buffs was toggled to be NOT enabled, the problem that voln mentioned seems to occur without throwing any errors.

    Hope this helps

    When I took those screenshots, I had both buffs and debuffs enabled for the target frame. Buffs were set at 10 and debuffs at 40.
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    posted a message on PitBull_AltAura
    Just wanted to report an issue I have. When using this mod, I can repeatedly cause a graphical error in the target frame with this cast sequence as a warlock: 1 shadowbolt, 1 immolate, 1 curse of agony. Usually after either the shadowbolt or the immolate, I get a graphical glitch on my target frame.

    Most of the time it looks like the fel armor icon, but stretched to fit the frame. What it looks like is happening is, its taking the buffs I have on myself and putting them as the background to the target frame...I have not seen this issue on "target of target" or any other frames yet. I have attached 2 screenshots that show what I mean.

    This is with Pitbull_Aura disabled and Pitbull_AltAura enabled. If I disable Pitbull_AltAura and re-enable Pitbull_Aura, I do not have the issue.

    *EDIT* Looks like a similar issue that m0rgoth talked about above.

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