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    posted a message on WUU broken for me as of 1.8.587
    1.8.587 works fine, but anything past that will not retrieve addon info from here or any other site, and refuses to perform any action. it will not update addons, it will not check their version, its as if everything just broke for me. im using vista, if that helps. it breaks as soon as it scans a blizzard addon. it will scan baggins btm scanner, and then just pause there and break. it will never scan farther. it will stop checking version, it will stop an update, it will stop everything. ive attached a screenshot of the log of the working 1.8.587 version and the nonworking latest stable version, 1.8.591.

    screenshot two is what its like when its broken. the first one, is when it works, and just goes right along with its business.
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