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    Merry Christmas!

    Great work on an excellent mod. I am using oRA2 with sRaidFrames. I use the oRA2 PT Targets in PvP because I want to see everybody's target so I can join the assist train. I also need to heal. Here are some suggestions for the mod:

    1) When using inverted health option, a dead but not released player shows up as having 1% health.
    2) The frames need updating more frequently as players go from 100% health to nearly dead before the frame updates and I start my heals.

    1) Increase the maximum number of PT Targets to 15 (for AB and the new BC battleground).
    2) Make a button/option to automatically fill the PT targets from the current raid/group members.
    3) Make the frames compatible with the Range Check in sRaidFrames (or add/borrow your own?).
    4) I like the frames appearance but would also like the option to look exactly like sRaidFrames. This means:
    4a) Common background color
    4b) Player name colored by class
    4c) Health/Mana/Rage/Energy below player name

    I set they style to "compact" which is better but the health bar is behind the name instead of the "100%" line which makes it hard to see the class color.

    Thank you!
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    Merry Christmas!

    I have been using sRaidFrames a lot now and I really, really like it. It seems to stay real-time and the healing range is sooooo useful. I have 2 suggestions:

    1) I can't see who the Flag Carrier is in WSG because it is a buff. This is the only buff I ever really need to see. How can I show this?

    2) Can I decrease the horizontal/vertical spacing between groups exactly like I can adjust the vertical spacing between group members?


    I tried oRA2 for the Player Targets but it has problems. They are:

    1) I use inverted health bars and dead players show as having 1% health. Nothing like trying to heal a dead player.

    2) When sRaidFrames shows the correct amount of health, oRA2 frames are behind in updating. PvP means I MUST have current info.

    3) I like the look/feel of sRaidFrames better for layout. Specifically:

    3a) Player name colored by class
    3b) Common background color

    Can you suggest another PT/MT target mod that is as nice as sRaidFrames? :P

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    I love sRaidFrames. As a healer, being able to Invert the Health bars works VERY well. However, I still have to use CTRaidFrames for my MT Targets and PT Targets. Is this feature implemented? If it is, how do I turn it on? If it is not, can I request the feature or can you point me to another mod for this purpose?


    P.S. Actually, the MT functionality requires CTRaid channel communication to be sure so I would imagine you wouldn't want it in this slim mod. HOWEVER, PT Targets (and who they are targeting) are all I really need.

    P.P.S. The last sRF version I used was using ProximityLib so I downloaded and installed HealingRangeAlpha which is very lightweight, functional has multiple ranges (28, 30, 40, 45 out of site). I will try your mod tonight but perhaps you could look at HRA? Adding it to your mod would be nice.
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