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    I've had various problems with CDT2 myself, and at some point actually decided to dive into the code and see what I could do.

    There are two things I hacked in, to at least some level of success:
    - Profile support
    - A fix for the issue where when an item is on a short cooldown different from its "real" one (such as right after equipping it), that cooldown is remembered for that item for the rest of the session

    I based this on r26541 and since someone else seems to want profile support I might as well offer it for download. But first:

    DISCLAIMER: This is a very quick hack resulting from looking at the code for less than half an hour and applying some edits. I'm not very familiar with LUA, or writing Ace addons. I will not support this code in any way, nor will I take responsibility from problems arising from it. Lastly, if the author of this addon doesn't like seeing this modified version, I will remove it.

    Having said that, download my version here: http://xyx.nl/~arjen/CooldownTimers2_modified.zip

    Works fine, except it gives the wrong numbers (my spelltrinkets are on 2min CD, CDT shows 1min 30s), but the bar runs the right amount of time.
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