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    posted a message on RaidNinja - in need of developers
    Hey all:

    RaidNinja is a raid management (for any class-based raiding game) system for the web. (There has some been initial work for an in-game addon and/or to tie it into the in-game calendar but it wasn't completed)

    Ferby and I, the only two devs on the project, haven't played WoW for quite some time and are looking for some people to pick it up who would still be getting use out of it. I, myself, haven't played since the beginning of BC.

    Anyway, RN uses PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript (using some JQuery). If anybody is interested in taking over or doing some development work, please come by the forums at and let us know or email me with RN somewhere in the subject line. (My contact info is on the site under contact)

    If there's a current project that does something similar and you'd like to merge some code in from RN, that would also be awesome, but please let me know the project or stop by the forums so that I can give our current users a heads up and give them a place to go!
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