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    Yeah I've had a similar problem with both ag_UF which I used to use and Pitbull (I think). I don't think it happens anymore with Pitbull, but I'm fairly sure it has happened once at least. I wonder what it could be.
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    I'm not quite sure what your question is, and I'm short on time right now, but check out my other post at http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=6028.0, and see if that is at all helpful. I give my statement, along with a description of what it does. You might be able to figure out the rest with a little help, but it's something to take a look at.
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    This addon is great, I want you to know that. I love the configurability of it. Early on it was too much configuration to deal with, but I've gotten a lot of that down.

    I would like to suggest something, and it's difficult to explain. You know how you can use any profile with any Ace addon, for instance I could run an addon with one character, and all profiles are default. I could load up another character and use a different profile but copy from default, or from class, or whatever? I suggest to have an option to save a couple custom health text configs and for each unit frame you can select which config you want. In another way:

    Health bar -> xxx
    Health text -> Custom ; Default
    Mana bar -> xxx
    Mana text -> Custom ; Default

    And under Custom you have an option to type whatever you want and to save that particular config. That way when you update that config it will be updated on whatever other frames are using that config.

    For example, for target frames, I have:
    [SureHP?Status:Append( | )!Status][SureHP?MaxHP:Short:Color(66cc66)][IsFriend?MissingHP:HideZero:Short:Color(cc6666):Prepend( | )!~IsMaxHP?~Status?CurHP:Short:Prepend( | )][~IsFriend?~IsMaxHP?~Status?PercentHP:Percent:Color(9999cc):Prepend( | )]
    • If the target is dead, ghosted or soulstoned, it will say "Dead | 6738" if they have 6738 health normally.
    • If they are a little low on health but not dead, "6738 | 3452 | x%" if they have 3452 health, and of course the x would be a value I really don't care to calculate.
    • If I don't know how much health they have but they're at 100% health display is blank other than the bar.
    • If the unit has full health and I know how much health, it displays only their max health.

    For player, party, and raid frames:
    [Status:Append( | )][MaxHP:Short][MissingHP:HideZero:Short:Color(ff7f7f):Prepend( | )]
    Everything is pretty much similar to above, but just without the "IsFriend?" conditionals. (I'm a healer, so I like to know how much I need to heal them for.)

    For one, I think these health text configs are great, and I have similar ones for mana which state max mana on everyone, in a raid give only percent and max mana, and for me, current mana except at max mana. For rage and energy I have it blank for party and raid but for me I say only "curmana" not also maxmana since that doesn't make sense because it'll either be 100 or 110.

    So could you include these as defaults perhaps, if you think they're good, or at least give us the option so we don't have to copy and paste a good config to all the other frames that we want to use it?
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