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    Hi all, having a button lock issue. I use shift as a modifier and it seems to be overriding button lock. very frustrated. Have looked in keybindings cache, wow settings, bartender4 settings, my other addons can't find a thing. Anyone got any ideas, thx for any help in advance. here is a list of my addons

    AckisRecipeList, Auctioneer, AutoProfitX, Chinchilla, Enchantrix, EnhTooltip, Informant, MobInfo2, Omen, Outfitter, Postal, Stubby, !Swatter, TradeskillInfo, XLootGroup, XLoot, RuneWatch, Gatherer, SlideBar, AtlasLootEnhanced, Atlas, MultiMail, PowerAuras, sct, sctd, Cartographer, XLootMaster, Recount, RecountDeathTrack, Bartender4, DeadlyBossMobs, Quartz, kgPanels
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