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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I have a slight problem which pops up occasionally with Autobar. I have no idea really what triggers it as there is no clear pattern of antecedents. The bug is this: Autobar just doesn't load. None of the little menus show up to work that session. Sometimes reloading the game will make everything better, but sometimes the little workers remain on strike.

    I do, of course, use other mods along with Autobar. I am trying to isolate which addon is possibly interfering with it. But while I am doing some detective work, I thought I'd ask and hope someone has encountered something similar to this issue.

    It is very awkward to go from having your trinkets, food/water, mounts, usable items/quest items, etc. available and ready to go via this great addon, to *POOF* having nothing there. Well, for me it is awkward - I am spoiled.

    Thanks for any help or ideas. And thanks to the author of this fabulous mod. I appreciate the mod and the frequent updates of new items.
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