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    Hello everyone, let me just apologize right now if this suggestion has already come up before and discussed, I did search for it but I did not find exactly what I am after for, thus this thread.

    I have no knowledge in Lua scripting so I can't do this myself, I did try to learn it (more or less) but I just fail.

    Anyways, what I'm thinking of is a Seal of X timer that simply counts the duration of the seal you have on yourself and when it is about to expire (15~ seconds, for example) it will show the seal's icon, perhaps flash it.

    I realize there are addons that do such things, but they take more memory than I want them to, so while things like ClassTimer and the likes are good addons, I just want this simple little addon that would probably take no more than 30kb's

    I currently have an idea or two of how it will look like in-game.
    I'm using oUF_p3lim so it will use the same texture as p3lim does.
    A timer above Player's frame will be shown when you have a Seal up, no icon - just the name and time left (ex. 'Command 1:38'), depleting as the time runs around.

    When the timer hits 15 seconds, the Seal's icon will appear at the center of the screen, preferally adjustable by size, opacity and location (x, y).

    I'll appreacite any feedback on this subject.

    And if I really missed this sort of an addon, just flame me, I most likely deserve it :)
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    Hey guys, first time I'm posting here on wowace.

    I've been using PitBull since I started playing the game and I love it, but now I got this problem and I don't know how to fix it :(


    As you can see the frames appear to be transparent or something of that sort, I don't know what's causing this.. At one point I "fixed" it, I just deleted PitBull and re-installed it from fresh and it was fine (had to apply the settings again, what a pain) - but now it happened again :(

    I'd appreciate any help.. and I'm sorry if it's been asked before, I couldn't find a search option for this thread.

    EDIT: Figured out it was the texture not working so I changed it to a different one and it works now :).
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