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    posted a message on fubar tooltips not showing text
    is this issue solved?

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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu
    Why does always the Mouseover menu get freeze after a few min later I login? It seems that every other function such as tracker still works fine in the freeze though. GuildFu's mouseover menu doesn't work at the same time.

    I update addons with Acewowupdater, and have checked compatibiltiy with other mods that I am using.
    However, I can't find reason as ever.
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    posted a message on Ag_unitframes 'Target' info problem
    The target frame isn't updated when I switch target from another. It still shows the previous target's info, thus I need to cancel(deselect by clicking enviroment, or press ESC) the existing target to get the correct info of the next target.

    /Reload commands fix the issue momentarly, but the issue recurses frequently without any error msg.

    I thought that this issue is related with config or memory issue.(I know nothing about this technicial term though), because AGU works perfectly with my other low lv alts, but lv 70. Therefore, I tried removing lv70's WTF/WDB, and checking other mods that the lv70 is using but they didn't help in solving the issue fundamentally.

    Moreover, I tried adjusting the memory usage for mods 0(unlimited) to 512, but it also didn't show any advance.

    Please, help me out :|

    * post script :

    my laptop has 1024 ram and ATi X1400 256MB mobility as vga which runs wow in 1280x800 without any serious problem. (ag_unitframes rev 27793)
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