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    Change line 61 from:

    amountAbsorb = select(14, UnitBuff(unit, spells[i]["Name"]))


    amountAbsorb = select(15, UnitBuff(unit, spells[i]["Name"]))

    I assume that in the past, the 14th return from UnitBuff contained the absorb amount, but currently it contains a boolean; the 15th return has the information you are looking for.
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    Quote from Nevcairiel
    Yeah a spell that can both affect enemy and friendly targets will not work properly in Auto Assist mode.

    Your macro even shorter
    /cast [mod:alt, @player][] Hand of Freedom
    However, it'll be fixed in about, say, 4 hours. So don't worry about it too much =)

    Hehe, just trying to help, cheers =)
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    I found that the "Auto Assist" feature was hindering my capacity to DPS with holy shock etc etc. If the self-cast issue is seriously affecting your game play, you can make a macro similar to:

    #show Hand of Freedom
    /cast [mod:alt, @player] Hand of Freedom
    /cast Hand of Freedom

    This will allow you to use the alt modifier or whatever you change alt to, to emulate self cast capability.
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    Hello, let me start by stating that I have been using, and loving, grid for a VERY long time. I can find little wrong with it.

    I do have a question that can hopefully be answered.

    Would it be possible to populate grid with people not inside of your group? A perfect instance would be Wintergrasp, when there are 2 raid groups present. I understand that this might be a memory intensive module, and that it has the capacity to get out of hand. My idea to counter that is to only populate grid with people that are say, flagged for PvP, or in combat.

    Thanks for your time!
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