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    Thank you for the reply!!
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    Hello all,

    I'm customizing my bartender and I have made an additional bar that will only appear while I'm using a vehicle. I'm using the [target=vehicle,exists]show;hide condition to enable it and all is working perfect.

    My problem though is that the "vehicle" condition only applies for possessed mobs (like the Wyrmest Skytalon, Corastrasza's quest) and not for vehicle like mounts like the Chopper or the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth.

    Question A: What is the equivalent for such mounts (instead of vehicle)
    Question B: What is the seperator for this condition? Should it be like:



    but it doesn't work properly. That's why I asked for the separator. So I use it as above, the result is that I get the bar visible while on a mount and not visible while on a vehicle. I tried:

    [target=mounted,exists]show;hide & [target=vehicle,exists]show;hide

    [target=mounted,exists]show;hide AND [target=vehicle,exists]show;hide


    but nothing works. That was my Question B.

    If I use only [target=mounted,exists]show;hide it works while mounted but not while using the vehicle. I was kinda thinking of something like:


    But I'm getting the error: Unknown macro option: exists;target=vehicle

    Thanks in advance!

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