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    sorry to digress a little from PB4. But regarding to kgpanels. How does one get it to work? I have always just used whatever border, texture that came with the mod that I am using, and I am not quite sure how to add elements from kgpanel or eepanel.

    Oh and thanks for the great unit frame! I loved PB, but PB4 is just so much better, esp. in the configuration department. Keep up the awesome work please! :)
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    Quote from exviza »

    i just decided to add the files here. unzip the eep_pb_cfg.zip file into your wtf folder (i made a readme.txt to show you exactly where). you'll need to download eepanels and sharedmedia add-ons from files.wowace.com. then, you can override the contents of sharedmedia.zip in your add-on directory.

    there's a few profiles that's included in this package. feel free to mess around with them. i do alot of editing of tags and there's alot of event modifiers so you may find a few surprises with them.

    you'll have to be logged in to see the files. i assure you there are no viruses, keyloggers, nor spyware blah blah blah but feel free to scan them :>

    Hey Exviza, I too am getting back to wow after a long hiatus, and love your layout. But I took a look at the files that you included and there seem to be fonts, background, and boarder that you specified in your package that are used in the profile but are not included in your package (nor are they included in the sharemedia package)

    aa angel cant.tga
    aa devil cant.tga
    dragon rev.tga

    Are included in the package but according to the code section below, the files that are missing are:

    dragon ol pink ca.tga
    aa angel.tga
    aa devil.tga


    All the fonts are missing.

    Please let me know where I can find these missing components. Thanks much!

    -- -----
    -- -----
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "dragon", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\dragon.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "dragon reverse", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\dragon rev.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "dragon outline pink cool-aid", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\dragon ol pink ca.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "aa angel", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\aa angel.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "aa devil", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\aa devil.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "aa devil canted", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\aa devil cant.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("background", "aa angel canted", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\background\aa angel cant.tga]])
    -- -----
    -- BORDER
    -- ----
    SharedMedia:Register("border", "RothSquare", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\border\roth.tga]])
    SharedMedia:Register("border", "Caith 2", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\border\caith2.tga]])
    -- -----
    --  FONT
    -- -----
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "ABF",								[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\ABF.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Vera Serif",				[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\VeraSe.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Slurry",						[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Slurry.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Type O",						[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\typeo___.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Emblem",						[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Emblem.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Enigma",						[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Enigma__2.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "TwCenMT Bold",						[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Tw_Cen_MT_Bold.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Frakturika",							[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\FRAKS___.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Sling",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Sling.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Underwood Champion",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\uwch.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Old Style",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\OLDSH___.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Mary Jane",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\MARYJ___.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Justus Oldstyle",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\justus-oldstyle.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Big Noodle Titling",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\big_noodle_titling.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Avant Garde",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\avantgarde.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Avant Garde non-caps",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\avantgardenoncaps.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Calibri",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\calibri.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Suigener",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\suigener.ttf]])
    SharedMedia:Register("font", "Hooge",			[[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\fonts\Hooge 05_53.ttf]])
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