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    posted a message on BigWigs - Zul'Aman

    I have big Problems with BigWigs at the "Akil'zon" Encounter!

    The first "Electric Storm" is displayed correctly. But then no more Stormes are shown.

    I play with the german WoW-Client and use the most actual BigWigs Version (WAU). And I'm still not the only person with this problem. Every other "BigWigs-User" in our raid has still the same problem.

    Everything else works fine (can only "test" the first three Bosses) :-)
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    posted a message on Wardrobe2Fu error

    since last patch every time i mouseover "Update" or "Delete" the following Error-Message appears instantly:

    interface\addons\wardrobe2\wardrobe2fu.lua: 125: bad argument #2 to format (string expected, got nil)

    any idea what i could do please?

    yours Pandorra
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