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    posted a message on Error?! Losing parameters?
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    L2Lua, noob. :P should explain what's going on (hint: you're mixing ":" with ".").

    and i found it ... lol what a pain in the ass missing one ":" is >.>
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    posted a message on Error?! Losing parameters?
    Someone plz tell me why i lose the "wtf" string. If it is in the wrong forum just close it. I can move it (unless you want to :))

    Im going to order this from top executed first to the bottom executed last (so its easy for you to read) and im posting entire functions fyi

    BTW i hope this is something easy like "L2Lua noob" ... sometimes i miss ada lol watch scope is somehow pissed :)
    function FourDPortrait:CreatePortrait()
    	-- This will create a model and put it into Portrait.Portraits
    	-- While im here i do not know if you can import custom .mdx/.m2 files into
    	-- wow if this is possible i might get some cool visual effects but mostly
    	-- this would just cause slow down so for the most part this could be a
    	-- feature but probably wont
    	-- this is for saving into a list and retreiving it later AKA on next log on
    	self.Index = self.Index + 1
    	local frame = self.Portraits[ self.Index ] -- lol i have to make a lot of refrences this saves my hand
    	-- it would be cool if all you had to do was edit these values and it would
    	-- change the box but that requires constent checkings. also, its just a waste
    	-- of time. but for the time being, this is just for saving the info on the
    	-- portrait also just retreving info without calling a built-in funtion
    	frame = CreateFrame( "PlayerModel", "Portrait_" .. tostring( self.Index ), UIParent ) -- i dont have to save the actual index because its in the name "Portrait_" .. 1 (or whatever number it is
    	frame.Cam = 0
    	frame.Unit = "player"
    	frame.Pan = {} -- i really dont like this tables take up to much memory someone tell me if there is a way i can avoid this
    	frame.Pan.x = 0
    	frame.Pan.y = 0
    	frame.Zoom = {}
    	frame.Zoom.Rad = 0
    	frame.Zoom.z = 0
    	frame.Point = "CENTER"
    	frame.RelativePoint = "CENTER"
    	frame.Pos = {}
    	frame.Pos.x = 0
    	frame.Pos.y = 0
    	frame.Size = {}
    	frame.Size.x = 100
    	frame.Size.y = 100
    	-- the actual execution order is diffrent from the one above due to things
    	-- like not showing a frame that isnt sized right yet
    	self:SetPos( frame, "CENTER", "CENTER", 0, 0 )
    	self:SetSize( frame, 100, 100 )
    	self:SetCam( frame, 0 )
    	-- by default i made the unit player that way you dont have to sit there confused if your new to the program (even though it would be visable in edit mode)
    	self:SetUnitId( frame, "player" )
    	-- finaly show the frame
    	-- Enable the mouse for the clicking the frame
    	frame:EnableMouse( true )
    	-- on click if the edit mode = on then start to edit this portrait (thats inside of the func OnPortriatClick btw)
    	frame:SetScript( "OnMouseUp",
    		function( frame )
    			self:OnPortraitClick( arg1, frame )
    	-- insert new options for the portrait into the options
    	self.Options.args["Portrait_" .. tostring(self.Index)] = {
    	    type = "group",
    	    name = "Portrait " .. tostring(self.Index),
    	    desc = "Options for portraits.",
    	    args = {
    				unitid = {
    				  type = "text",
    				  name = "UnitID",
    				  desc = "Set the UnitID of the portrait. UnitIDs are things such as 'player', 'target', and 'focus', just to name a few. Basicly, anything in [target=<unitid>] in a macro is usable. Even things like 'targetoftarget'.",
    				  usage = "<unitid>",
    					get = function() FourDPortrait:GetUnitId( frame ) end,
    					set = function( unit ) FourDPortrait:SetUnitId( frame, unit ) end,
    				}, -- UnitID
    				camera = {
    				  type = "range",
    				  name = "Camera",
    				  desc = "Sets the camera of the portrait. 1 is the view that blizzard uses to create its 2d portraits. 1 is when the entire body is in the picture, also the Full body camera can be rotated. 2 is full customization of the camera in all axes and rotation.",
    					min = 0,
    					max = 2,
    					step = 1.0,
    					get = function() FourDPortrait:GetCam( frame ) end,
    					set = function( cam ) FourDPortrait:SetCam( frame, cam ) end,
    					--validate = { ["Portrait"] = 0, ["Full body"] = 1, ["Free motion"] = 2 }, -- the actual function needs integers but to the user they are things like "Portrait" so it is in this format
    				}, -- Camera
    				refreshmodel = {
    				  type = "execute",
    					name = "Refresh",
    					desc = "Refreshes the model in the portrait.",
    					func = function() FourDPortrait:RefreshModel( frame ) end,
    				}, -- refreshmodel
    				clearunitid = {
    				  type = "execute",
    					name = "Clear UnitID",
    					desc = "Clears the current UnitID of the portrait.", -- idk why you would need this but you know i hate taking options away
    					func = function( frame ) FourDPortrait:SetUnit( frame, "none" ) end,
    				}, -- clearunitid
    			}, -- args
    		} -- Portrait_X

    The above function calls FourDPortrait:SetUnitId shown below

    function FourDPortrait:SetUnitId( Portrait, UnitId )
    	self:Print( "Called SetUnitId" )
    	self:Print( Portrait )
    	self:Print( UnitId )
    	Portrait:SetUnit( UnitId )
    	Portrait.Unit = UnitId
    	self.SetCam( "wtf", Portrait, Portrait.Cam ) -- why does this work

    The function above calls FourDPortrait:SetCam BUT it calls it with 3 parameters and it somehow works

    function FourDPortrait:SetCam( Portrait_a, Cam )
    	-- Cam is a Integer this can be of
    	-- 1 - Front (ONLY ROTATABLE)
    	-- X - Free Moving
    	FourDPortrait:Print( "Called SetCam" )
    	FourDPortrait:Print( Portrait_a )
    	FourDPortrait:Print( Cam )
    	Portrait_a:SetCamera( Cam )
    	Portrait_a.Cam = Cam
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    posted a message on Recount
    Quote from Darlog »

    First of all, many thanks for this great addon.

    But two settings from the config panel do not get saved. If I uncheck "Autodelete Time Data" and "Set Combat Log Range" they are checked again after a reload.

    Looks like
    		["AutoDelete"] = 0,
    		["UseCombatLogRange"] = 0,

    does not make it into recount.lua in savedvariables.

    Time Data should not be a big problem, but the Combat Log Range gets also saved into So it perhaps would be a good idea to store the default ranges and restore them, when the option gets unchecked.

    Edit: last version I used was r42118.3

    Correct me if im wrong. When you reload ui, you don't save variables. You have to actualy log out.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Here are some alliance quests. I will have more there on another computer.
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    posted a message on FuBar - ClockFu - Daylight Savings Time issues
    Quote from tekkub »

    Fuck DLST.

    Stupidest 'invention' ever. If one of the cold northern states was the one that didn't use it, I'd move there. Stupid shitty hot Arizona.

    used to be sad now :(

    btw leds are more cost effective then cfl notice that doesn't mean better because it depends on the job
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    posted a message on weapon swapping

    itemrack rocks!!!!!

    then i just make a button to switch it ... not exactly what yah want but its better then what i think you where doing.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    yah i just mod it too
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