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    Aldor Reputation Quests added.
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    When clicking "Open All" or "Open Selected":

    [2006/10/04 13:08:55-960]: GMail\GMail.lua:672: AceHook-2.0: There is a stale hook for "InboxFrame_OnClick" can't hook or reactivate.
    <in C code>: in function `error'
    AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:121: in function `error'
    AceHook-2.0\AceHook-2.0.lua:219: in function <...erface\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceHook-2.0\AceHook-2.0.lua:197>
    AceHook-2.0\AceHook-2.0.lua:447: in function `Hook'
    GMail\GMail.lua:672: in function `Inbox_DisableClicks'
    GMail\GMail.lua:625: in function `GMail_Inbox_OpenSelected'
    <string>:"GMailInboxOpenAllOpenButton:OnClick":2: in main chunk

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    Quote from Isyn »

    afaik both bosses do like Chrommy - just emote about his skin shrimmers (spelling?) and resistance changed. There is no information about weakness. As for Ossi - maybe BW just scans for debuffs on him, dunno

    Well I know Ossi actually emotes the new weakness, you can see it with WitchHunt or SpellAlert (or just looking at the Combat Log) but the actual weakness doesn't get announced until it's he's hit by a spell of the school he's weak to.

    Unless I'm just totally nuts.

    Ossirian does not emote the next vulnerability. What you are seeing is an activated crystal getting a specific debuff-ability. Yes, this is essentially the same, but does not mean that debuff is going to hit Ossirian, thus not a reliable source. And yes, Ossirians debuffs are being scanned.
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    Quote from Kendoras »

    Quote from Moonsorrow »

    maybe a bugged see aura version is contained in the zip file, or are you updating via svn?


    Check your BugSack for SpecialEvents-Aura Errors. Happened to me aswell, a quick revert to 88something "fixed" it.
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