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    I'm using TimeLine mode.

    under Layout / Text / Time layout are the options:
    10 m

    The last 2 are the options that seem like they should show tenths of seconds, but they do not show tenths of seconds in TimeLine mode.
    It shows the time of my cyclones as 0.05 at 5 seconds, 0.04 at 4 seconds... so on, there are no tenths of seconds being displayed.

    The tenths of seconds need displayed in order to be accurate. It seems like a bug to me that I'm hoping will be resolved and I was also hoping for some confirmation on this
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    i'm not seeing a way to show tenths of seconds, am i looking in the wrong place? i found this mod after sexy cooldowns stopped working. I liked using it for my cyclones and seeing the tenths of seconds really helped with timing. I could see 1.6s left on the timeline bar and start the casting for the next cyclone.

    i tried all the "Time layout" options under the "Text" tab without luck.

    - am i looking in the wrong place
    - is this a bug
    - is this a feature that will be coming out

    thanks in advance
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