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    posted a message on InstanceLoot and PT3 Error...
    I'm getting an InstanceLoot error upon login dealing with PT3... I've searched a bit, apologies if this is a repost. It seems to be an issue only on login, but not anytime else, and if InstanceLoot is adversely affected, I haven't seen it. Any thoughts?

    Date: 2007-12-01 11:09:45
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...-3.0-InstanceLoot\PeriodicTable-3.0-InstanceLoot.lua line 3:
    PT3 must be loaded before data
    [C]: ?
    [C]: error()
    ...-3.0-InstanceLoot\PeriodicTable-3.0-InstanceLoot.lua:3: in main chunk
    Aperture, v1.0
    ArenaMaster, v1.0
    AutoProfitX, v2.03
    Bartender3, v3.1.2 r56054
    BigWigs, v2.0 r56055
    Capping, v2.1.015
    Cartographer, vr56068
    CartographerMailboxes, v1.0
    CartographerVendors, v1.0
    ClassLoot, v1.2
    FuBar, v50710
    Swatter, v4.0.5

    (this isn't my full list of addons, either, which is odd)
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    posted a message on AG_UnitFrames & Blizzard Target Frame
    Hi, I've been using AGUF for awhile, and love its simplicity. Most recently, though, I've had an issue with Blizzard's standard Target Window showing up in addition to the AGUF Target and ToT window. I don't have the Blizzard ToT window enabled, and I can't seem to find a way to disable it.

    If it helps, I have a PC and a Macbook Pro with the exact same addon configuration... Works on the Mac, not on the PC (go figure).

    Anyone have an idea on how I can get rid of the Blizzard Target Window? It's quite distracting.
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