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    Thanks for maintaining SUF, one of the best addon ever.

    I recently discovered that I didn't need Grid because SUF can show raid (shame on me ^^).

    My problem is the following. I want to put the raid to the right of my BT4 bars, and fill from left to right.

    Despite having chosen all the right options (rows added Up, columns added Right, 8 max col, 5 units per col) I can't get the raid to align properly.
    e.g. it aligns from the center. In an 8 column raid the alignement is as wished but in a more traditional 5 column raid it aligns from the center of a certain point, e.g. it is not aligned to the right of my BT4 but farther to the right.

    Is there no way to make the alignment work? FOUND

    BTW now the raid has completely disappeared and I can't make it reappear again. I locked/unlocked frame, aligned to center of screen, disabled then enabled raid unit, nothing seems to worK. FOUND. Redownloaded from curse

    Another question I'm trying the option main tanks in a group somewhere else but in LFR only one tank is shown, not 2. Why? Will test again by next raid

    Thansk in advance
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