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    Hi :)

    First of all great addon , I?ve been using it since the beginning and am very very pleased with it.

    But there is one thing I?d like to know , also if it might already has been posted somewhere in the 100 posts before ^^

    The debuff announcement frame in the raid frames :
    It?s easy to adjust the debuff frame into the raidframe itself , like Grid does ( Current debuff on a person in the middle of the persons raid bar). But I?m not able to click through the debuff picture ,I have to click next to it to heal a person and also I?m not able to turn off the tooltip of the debuff.
    And what I also noticed is , when we raid the Eredar Twins in Sunwell and I have debuffs enabled for the raid , I can?t see who gets the flame sear debuff...

    So can u tell me plx if there?s already a feature implemented that allows you to click through the debuff pictures and how to turn off the tooltips of the debuffs, and also could somebody tell me why the flame sear debuff doesn?t show up in the encounter.

    Thx :)
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