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    In the last version LibSharedMedia-3.0 added ruRU locale:
    elseif locale == "ruRU" then
    	SML_MT_font["Arial Narrow"]			= [[Fonts\ARIALN.TTF]]
    	SML_MT_font["Friz Quadrata TT"]		= [[Fonts\FRIZQT__.TTF]]
    	SML_MT_font["Morpheus"]				= [[Fonts\MORPHEUS.TTF]]
    	SML_MT_font["Nimrod MT"]			= [[Fonts\NIM_____.ttf]]
    	SML_MT_font["Skurri"]				= [[Fonts\SKURRI.TTF]]
    	lib.DefaultMedia.font = "Friz Quadrata TT"

    But with this code user don't have choice self registered in sharedmedia fonts. Only 5 fonts - Arialn, Frizqt, etc are accessible in gui to a choice.
    If i delete this code part, fonts choice work fine.
    Please fix (delete this code) it bad locale for ruRU client;(
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    Quote from HunterZ
    The old SVN is locked, so there won't be any more updates to addons where WAU is looking.
    Does the Curse client currently have WowAce support? What about no-externals support?

    files.wowace.com not locked and WAUMod working perfectly.
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