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    Hi everyone,

    I'll start off by saying, I created a forum account at wow ace, but it tells me my user/pass is incorrect, however for whatever reason it forwarded me here, and the login and pass I chose at wow ace worked here, so I'll assume its the same board, or at least they are affiliated. If I am incorrect about this, then my apologies for this waste of a thread.

    The reason for my post is I am using the add-on "IceHUD" which I downloaded from <URL removed>'s download page. Their server runs version 3.3.5a.

    I have customized the add-on to the best of my ability, and have done my best to look through every option and setting, however there are two entities that remain a mystery to me, despite all of my poking and prodding.

    The first mystery is the green horizontal progress-like bar, <--pictured here, but for those of you scared to click links, it's at around 3/4's full (mine has read "Alexiabellle [this is my hero's name] 74%" for the last few hours). It's quite a long bar, perhaps the length of 1/3rd of my display. It is 100% alpha, and seems to only appear when my target has me as their target. This led me to believe that it was the "TargetOfTarget" module ,however that module is disabled, and it still wouldn't explain the constant 74% (assuming this would represent my HP). I've looked through my hero's stats and skills and experience and training and I don't see anything that is 74%. I'd love to find out what this bar represents, and how I can get rid of it.

    The second mystery is much simpler, I think - I'm sure I'm just overlooking something silly. In which section of "module settings" are the settings to customize the appearance and location of the Breath Bar?

    Thanks in advance!
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