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    Hi, usually my Earthshield on the raid frames would show the amount of charges remaining on the actual buff picture on the raid frame. Now since I downloaded the new version, It shows the buff picture on the raid frame correctly, but the amount of charges left is in the center of the screen. Anyway to fix this? I'd roll back to an older version I used which did it correctly, but then proximitylib doesn't work. So I have to find a way to fix this one. Thanks a lot

    Recently I made the switch to oRA2 + sRaidFrames, and have run into the same problem described by Wopps. Troubleshooting (disabling addons one at a time) confirmed that when sRaidFrames was disabled, the charge counter that was appearing center-screen is no longer present when casting the buff. When not in a raid, of course, this is not an issue. Any idea if/when this issue will be addressed? Oh, and currently using r.24285 of sRaidFrames.

    Thanks again for making and maintaining this excellent mod!
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