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    posted a message on Skinner
    @Crusherix > got the same.. but after 5 mins :)) really annoying.. had to turn it off
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    posted a message on Cooldowncount
    Quote from Redbaron420 »

    Is there any way I can get it to stop displaying a cooldown time on the debuff icons of my targetframe? The only way I've been able to do this is to disable the aura cooldown effect completely from within ag_unitframes, but I'd like to keep that effect.

    The main reason I'd like to do this is because the actual font of the timer is much too large for the debuff icons and there is no way to independently adjust them without affecting the font size on the action bar cooldowns.

    Any ideas?

    .. i feel the same anger about this.. was used to not to see times on auras of my ag_uf .. this sux now.
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    posted a message on WitchHunt 3.0 for 2.4
    grr i had to disable addon.. seeing such spam in center of my screen is not good.. anyway didnt came out how to pull out any setting screen for wh.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Herbalism
    Quote from Jakobud »

    Hmm so I install Cartographer, Cartographer_Herbalism and Cartographer_Import. I follow the instructions to place my Gatherer savedvariables file (gatherer.lua) into my Cartographer_Import folder. I start up WoW, it says "Done Importing Notes" but it doesn't appear to have imported anything. I do NOT have gatherer running at this time, is that necessary?

    u have to place your Gatherer savedvariables file (gatherer.lua) not into Cartographer_Import folder, but into your savedvariables folder of your character.. (realm>char name..)
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    Quote from Masx »

    Sending notes to players seem to cause disconnects. Anyone else have this problem? :(

    I was testing sharing with my guildmates yeasterday and no discs at all, just some few errors, but anyway process went complete.
    Just what we noticed: (having all modules of carto installed, versions from 03/01/2007).
    - sending through general button (i hoped this will send all data - herbs,mining etc.. not happened.. as far as i remember, just mining was sent) .. so solution for us was simple.. shared through those single options (share herbs, mining etc..)

    -all of u have newest modules (carto, carto sharing, carto herbs, carto mining etc..)
    -u got same sharing channel
    -go to any map (felwood,Azshara etc.. ) that u want to share and try to share.. worked for us with no problems.
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    not sure if u already know about it but..
    i tried yeasterday Carto_stats and im not pretty sure if this was intended or not.. but bcos of bringin up the menu through mouse buttons, i cant use those buttons to move bacwards, forwards, or even use scroll wheel for zooing.

    is it somewhow possible to change color of circles (purple,pink or whatever it is is not bad... ;o but im used to green.. :)

    do u considered that idea from gatherer i wrote before ?.. showing herbs out of range of minimap on the edges of the minimap.. so u know the direction where to go.. this save time a lot and comfortable.. u dont have to still switch world map.

    thx Gamca.
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    Quote from Athariel »

    - When i try to open instance map, Cartographer show if for a few seconds and then switches to Alterac Mountains if instance is on Eastern Kingdoms, and to Ashenvale if the instance is on Kalimdor.
    - Instance notes shows wrong, like if they were placed right and then moved south-east for a pair of santimeters.
    - Instance loot isnt showing at all.
    - Still there are no option to toggle open/close map with a single button.
    - SilverDragon keeps creating notes of the single rare mob every time i see it.

    gathering locations of rare mobs ? interesting.. get it to carto.. .. would be nice.. ;o).
    and thx for answer for help with gather_import.
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    posted a message on Cartographer

    i got some qstn about minimap icons in cartographer.. i used gatherer before, but now carto seems better. Anyway, there are showing on my minimap only those icons of herbs that are in range of my minimap. In gatherer there were shown some herbs in longer range than my minimap at the edgees of minimap.. so i at least known the direction and when they came to minimap range, they changed eg. to circles.
    Is it possible to implement such feature also into cartographer.. ? would be good to know where to go even if the herb is not in range of minimap so ppls dont have to switch all the time to worldmap.

    anybody of you guys do know how to use this addon, that u can download from wow ace files?:
    - Cartographer_Import r23005 2007-01-01 15:54:11 -0500 Import notes from other addons, such as Gatherer (ckknight)

    I went through code or searched for info but cant find how to put some gathered data from old gatherer (before patch) to carto through this addon.
    Would be thankful for any help.. thx.

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    posted a message on Macros, blizz commands - getting error with libraries
    i got little problem..:
    - whenever i try to call some Blizz command like: /use Heavy Runecloth Bandage or whatever .. i do get error popup window: Ace2 has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI....

    any help how to solve ?
    thx much
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    hi.. need to help with one function..

    in any frame(player,target, tot..) there are some options to show HP,MANA, RAGE etc.. by: absolute, diference, smart, percentage, custom..

    I managed to put into my frame always only 1 of those options.. is there any option, i assume through custom display, to show my hp in Absolute ([curhp]/[maxhp]) and also in percentage ([dont know the command]) ?

    thx for help in advance
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