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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    Quote from Shadowed
    Could use someone who can test hide raid in <=5 raid group option

    It works perfectly for <5 man raids. For exactly 5 people, it does not hide the raid.
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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    Hi Tomber,

    Thanks for the outstanding addon, and a special thanks for outstanding continuing support and development of said addon.

    I did have a couple questions.

    1. I seem to remember in the earlier versions that I could shift-right click to blacklist a buff/debuff, rather than having to type it in at the config screen. That functionality doesn't seem to be working now. Was this removed due to its proximity to right-click aura cancellation? Or should it still be working?

    2. I was fiddling around with conditions and notifications for my wife's mage, and managed to come up with some nice notification bars for polymorph status (loose, controlled, breaking soon. That kind of thing). I wanted to go further and make a "spellsteal now" notification, but I don't see an explicit test under target buffs or target state for "can be stolen". I know that under target buffbars, I can tell it to show only stealable buffs, but what I'm looking for here is the presence of stealable buffs, rather than a list of exactly what ones are there, if that makes sense. She doesn't need to know what it is so much that she needs a warning that she should be spamming spellsteal :) Do you see adding such a test as a useful and possible addition, or is that a little too much of a niche?

    Thanks again for a superior addon.
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    posted a message on Inquest - Quest log and tracker addon
    The version (r84) on the project's curseforge page, linked in the first post, works great in 3.2, so far as I've tested.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    No longer able to move the Capture bar with the capturemover. It seems to have no effect. I have completely deleted my saved variables and resetup all my settings, and it still has no effect on the capture bar. It sits in the middle of my screen.

    anyone else, having / not having this issue?
    Any suggestions?

    Revert back to 38139 and this problem goes away.
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    I know the melee module is still in it's early infancy, but I'm getting some crazy high numbers on a lvl 70 arms warrior. All abilities seem to be about 8 times higher than reality. For example, here's my mortal strike tooltip:

    Coeffs: 6.62/1984
    Crit: 36.2
    Hit: 100%
    Avg: 7649 (7047-8250)
    Avg Crit: 16827 (15504-18149)
    Avg Total: 10971
    +1/22.08 crit: +91.78
    +1/15.77 hit: 0
    +100 AP +223.66
    +1 total (cr/Ht/AP): 26.4/49.1
    DPS(CD) 2194.2
    Dmg/rage 365.7

    Now, I may be a beast, but I don't crit things for no 16,827 :)

    Removing all gear except my weapon doesn't bring the numbers down to a reasonable range either, although it does cut off 4k from the average crit.

    Naked with weapon only:

    Coeffs: 6.62/658
    Crit: 19.45
    Hit: 95.89
    Avg: 5468 (4867-6069)
    Avg Crit: 12030 (10708-13352)
    Avg Total: 6744
    +1/22.08 crit: +65.62
    +1/15.77 hit: +54.68
    +100 AP +192.31
    +1 total (cr/Ht/AP): 22.7/19.4/35.1
    DPS(CD) 1348.9
    Dmg/rage 224.8

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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    ok, rolling back to 38139 worked for me.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    I rolled back to 40622 and it still didn't work. I think something may have changed on blizzard's end. I went so far as to dust off "moveanything" but it was not able to identify the frame for the pvp objective slider.

    I did read somewhere that blizz now made it so you couldn't draw frames off screen, so that's probably why it's ending up in the middle.
    I suspect all having this problem have our minimap at the bottom. So, with the mover not working, it tries to draw it in the default position under the minimap, which is offscreen, so it boots it to the center.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    Quote from chaud »

    The bar that shows tower capping progress is stuck in the middle of my screen as of this evenings version, no matter where I move the mover.

    Also seeing this same behavior. Using En 41800.
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    posted a message on Fixing the Raid Lockup Problem!
    I'm an xperl user, posting here because this seems to be a common problem with most all unitframe addons (and this thread was linked in the xperl discussion on curse).

    I don't have any raid frames showing at all (I do have the xperl raidframe addon running, but I typically don't need to see raid frames, being a warrior and all) and I get the problem both in PVE raids and battlegrounds, about 1/4 of the time. It can happen on a login or on a reloadui. I typically get 1 or 2 frames load, with the zone name in the middle of my screen, and 3 or 4 of the party members draw in before it lock. This would leave me to submit the totally uninformed guess that's party frame related rather than raid frame.

    If it's a battleground, I can beat it by pressing alt-Z a split second after I hit "enter battleground" to hide the interface. Disabling player pets SEEMS to help, but I've not done any formal testing along this line.

    AMD 4600 dual core, 2gb ram, X800XT on WinXP.
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