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    Hey Tomber -

    Long time user, but I haven't messed with Conditionals much. I'm trying to create a notification for Stellar Flare, which ideally, hits the target when Eclipse Power is at 0.

    How I'd like this to work is when my eclipse power *hits* -20 (during lunar) or +20 (during solar) then I get both an auditory and visual notification. The Stellar Flare icon would appear and pulse and the sound would go off. Then, once I cast the spell, the icon would stop pulsing and simply be displayed as normal and count down until the DOT is finished.

    I've tried messing with the Eclipse areas in the conditional tab and creating a Stellar Flare bar group (icon), but all I can get to work is the DOT display and a sound upon casting. I'm convinced Raven can do this and I'm just not grasping how. From searching these forums and the web, I can't find a similar scenario that will help me figure it out.

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks a lot for your work on such a great mod.
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