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    Yeah, I figued. I will provide an option with will toggle such abbreviations. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hi guys. I've been working on a great new addon in the last week of Cataclysm. I noticed a lot of Internet slang and poorly written sentences typed by players in WoW. This addon is going to solve it. For now, it only fixes your English.
    Linguistics v1.0 [English]

    Linguistics is an addon that improves your English. It modifies the text you type into proper, neat English with correct punctuation. It removes Internet slang and abbreviations and corrects common misspelled words. This addon makes use of a database that's created from scratch by the author. With over 250 entries and still growing.

    Below a few examples of what this addon does.
    "lol r u srsly gonna role a belf?"
    Changes into: "Haha, are you seriously going to role a Blood Elf?"
    "lf1m for ds /w achiev for inv"
    Changes into: "Looking for one more for Dragon Soul whisper achievement for invite."

    The addon has a fully functional control panel in game. You can browse to it by opening the Interface Options or by typing /ling or /linguistics.

    Upcoming features and known bugs [Patch 5.0.5]
    - When linking items or spells all filters are ignored. This will be fixed later this year.
    - I want to add an option to filter text from other players, client-sided of course.

    Downloadable on Curse:

    Feel free to leave me any feedback or comments!
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