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    I think I finally have it. My caster bars are 7 and 2. My bear bars are 8 and 3 and my cat bars are 9 and 4. I setup #3 & # 4 to use page 2 in default bar state. Then I set up # 8 and # 9 to use page 7 in default. I then set up the stance to the correct bar.

    That seems to work but imo is a difficult way to do it. Now if I want to move buttons around on anything but caster bars, I have to set the default bar back so i can see what is on 8/3 and 9/4. If there was a check box for caster mode like bear/cat/prowl/etc then that would not happen. At least now it is working and I only see the bars I am supposed to see.

    maybe there is an easier way I don't see since this took me a couple hours to figure out.

    question answered by me....

    I have read and searched for solution to my situation and can not seem to find an answer I understand. I have been using BT4 on my holy priest for awhile and other than not having the possess bar set up, everything has been good. I started setting up for my feral druid today and after a couple hours i am at an impasse.

    I have 2 bars set up for bear, 2 bars set up for cat and 2 bars set up as caster form. When I go bear, only bear show up. When I go to cat, only cat show up. When I go caster all show up and I can not figure a way to only show the caster bars.

    I tried the paging mentioned in numerous posts, but I can not get paging to do anything. I am obviously doing it wrong. I have searched for a BT4 guide and can not find one. I was not using BT3 previously and my previous bar addon worked well with this situation but is no longer supported.

    If you can point me to a guide or give me some ideas how to set up the bars so in caster mode I only see the two caster bars, that would be appreciated.
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