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    This is kind of a two in one. I did a search but couldn't find a satisfactory answer, so here goes:

    1. Can I set aguf to autohide when: xxx?

    Probably along the lines of: not in combat [or] full health [or] not targeting something?

    2. The charcoal texture has stopped working

    And i have no idea why. I select it and no texture is applied. Leaving it selected and doing a /rl leaves the frames see through (i.e no texture). I believe it is version r30957 that i am using now. It did this once before, and a random update from wowace/files fixed it. No one else seems to be having the problem.

    I have tried the following with no success:
    • Delete the ag folder and reinstall
    • Disabling everything but ag_uf and required libs

    How would i go about diagnosing this? Some settings i might need to delete? A specific library?

    P.S. In that last update the Rotandion (or something, how do you spell it) and a couple of other layouts also disappeared from my options, no idea if that gives anyone a clue.

    Thanks for any help.
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