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    posted a message on SharedMedia strange error.
    That worked, when i tried it last time i choose some super custom made font guess it couldn't read that. Just choose a bunch from the windows folder now..
    thanks Elkano :)
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    posted a message on SharedMedia strange error.
    A few days ago i updated my SharedMedia addon from (r176(i think)) to r177 with curse client. And after that i can't make it work it just behaves as it doesn't exist. I mostly use it with pitbull 4.0 and quartz.

    What i did when it happened:
    I just updated it logged in and it was gone.

    I have tried:
    Going back to r176 nothing happened.
    Reinstalling all addons with curse client.
    Level 1 character with only pitbull and sharedmedia with a new profile.
    Installing a new font with it. Normally only use the default ones.
    I have also tried some other Lib addons quick.

    If anyone could help me it would me much appreciated.
    I'm not very good a troubleshooting addons so if you want me to do that please explain how also.
    Thanks // Soulflash
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