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    Quote from Astaldo »

    -Automaton ?
    -Capping ?

    I don't use the compilation or either of those 2 addons, but that's where I'd start looking.

    I tryed to disable Capping, didn't work..

    But now i tried Automaton, THANKS DUDE!
    Now it works fine :D

    Awesome ^^
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    posted a message on Auto-joining/-accepting
    Hey guys, I downloaded this pack of addons: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/4575/
    Awesome addons, but there is something that i don't like about it.

    There is an addon in here that makes me unable to to leave BG que after i joined, it also auto accept's all group/raid inv's in 2 mins, accepts all summons in 2 mins. It also makes me unable to "talk" to a Battlemaster, it only autoadds me to the que

    The problem is that im not able to fix this, I wish to ble able to "press" the acceptbuttum myself, or not accept, instead of beeing autoaccepted in 2 mins.

    Anyone know what addon it is? or what i have to do to disable it?
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