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    SWS spying should be fixed now.


    yay ^^
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    I have a little issue here: since few revisions back Violation stopped spying for SWStats data completely for me, even tried removing saved variables and reinstalling it... still in sync report i get "Combat log" and "Violation" reports only.. but on other hand allot of ppl say that it works fine for them, so i wonder if it could be some other addon which can affect this or am i misssing smth with settings?

    both options (Damage Meters and SWStats) are checked under spying menu.

    I have the same problem, started around 5 days ago :\
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    Threat-1.0 r41630

    Warlock, Soul Shatter
    I had this effect some minutes ago:

    In a boss fight, I was nearly as high as our mt, so I used soul shatter, which was resisted (can happen), BUT my threat was reduced anyways, which is not correct :\

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    i know, i should enter that into the wish list ;/

    is it possible to add an additional "spacer"-parameter for the aura

    like, my unitframes should look like that:

     Name     Class
    | O  O |HP Bar  |
    |  o  |---------|
    |  ---  |Power Bar|

    but i can only set the buffs to the top-side, then it is overlayed with the name- and class-text
    so what is needed is a additional attribute, so that you can make the space between the aura and the frame bigger (or the auro and the start-point).

    for an better example you can check this screen (space is modified in the (meta)layout):

    another thing is, if you check the pitbull-aura (buffs), you might see the bloodpact from my imp.
    if timers are enabled, you can always see an anoying number counting down and sometimes up, then resetting to 0, this also happends to other effects, like paranoia (felhunter) and so on...
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