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    I couldn't find anything else about it, so I hope this isn't posted somewhere else already.. I have some trouble with bartender, particularly with the possess-bar.
    Whenever I enter a vehicle, I get the action bar you should get, so that's all fine.
    This goes on the same place as my bar 1, or my 1-9 action buttons.

    However, when I then try to use those action buttons, nothing happens. They only work when I manually click on the buttons. I have even tried re-keybinding while in the vehicle, but this does not work either.

    The keybinding shows the letters, so I know which buttons they are connected to: as I said before, 1-9. I don't see any reason why they should not work.

    I've even tried disabling the entire possess-bar and vehicle bar, hoping to get the default bar, but that didn't work either. I've always had trouble with the possession bar, so can anyone help solve this?
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