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    posted a message on PlayerMenu (orig: AcePlayerMenu)
    Thx for the patch @gabriel !

    UPDATE :

    seems the patch causes following lua error (posted in the addon help section alrdy)

    Date: 2009-01-27 13:40:40
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: [string "PMEM_Frame_Button1:OnLoad"] line 1:
    Usage: PMEM_Frame_Button1:HookScript("type", function)
    [C]: ?
    [C]: HookScript()
    [string "*:OnLoad"]:1:
    [string "*:OnLoad"]:1
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    posted a message on Cartographer status?
    Quote from Arrowmaster
    Fan updates do not count as alternatives IMHO. The person 'updating' it usually does not have a grasp of the entire codebase and is just fixing errors as they popup without really knowing what they are doing.

    may be true in general, but that would disregard all projects with more than one maintainer and / or ppl joined later

    about alpha map and mapnotes: it seems to be rewritten from scratch kinda and have been maintanied by the same person quite a while. Just still the 'fan update' in the name. Both r running fine and are TRUE alternatives mho.
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    posted a message on PlayerMenu (orig: AcePlayerMenu)
    Player Link Menu

    works pretty well, no probs in 3.0.8 , and its quite configurable

    only negative is, that it doesnt seem to work on Unitframes , just chat
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    posted a message on Cartographer status?
    Quote from OrionShock
    Cart2 is dead..

    If your looking for replacements, then Mapster + HandyNotes (& Assorted Modules) + TomTom gives just about a complete replacement of all that Cart2 had / has to offer.

    Cart3 however is more like google maps, it's something you'd use instead of mapster.

    Dont forget Alpha map (fan update) and Mapnotes (fan update)

    Both are under active developement and serve very well.

    Mapster and handynotes are NOT the only option.

    Another Option could be Metamap (someone released a current wotlk version, dunno if he continues though)

    Esp. since handynotes has NO Importmodule (as far as i know, correct me if im wrong pls!) for cartographer and or metamap i really dont like to use it. TBH its a killer argument for any new notes addon that come w/o an importfunction/module.
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    posted a message on Recount
    Dunno if its intended, but i consider it as a glitch :

    environmental dmg (eg falling dmg) is switched (enabled/disabled) by the non-trivial mob checkbox. Id rather consider environmental as unknown, but dunno what the author intended there.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Import not importing
    Hi there,

    im trying to change from metamap to cartographer, mostly due to questhelper integration on my questing toons.

    Anyway, stumbled across this thread, very helpful, but there is one thing that isnt mentioned yet :

    First of all : what u need is

    (As decscribed above :)

    a) the modded MetaMap.lua file (aka the "exp" removal)
    b) babble 2.2 and ace2
    c) cartographer + its modules + cartographer_icons + the iconpacks

    - no need to disable all other stuff, only disable additional map tools that may interfere aka mapnotes, tomtom, lightheaded etc

    Now the new stuff :

    d) now if u used metamap intensivley, u may have used the knowledgebase feature to find mobs, there was an option to create "BOUNDARY BOXES" with the note.
    When importing metamap.lua like this , the import.lua throws an error in line 492, "..concatenate a nil value.."
    Investigating the last imported note, it showed that the importer stopped at the first BOUNDARY BOX note. He does it, because metamap used a new icon number that is not implemented in the importer.lua.

    All u need to do now is to add a line to the importer (starting line 469):

    local metaMapIconToCartographer = {
    [0] = "Yellow Square",
    [1] = "Red Square",
    [2] = "Purple Square",
    [3] = "Green Square",
    [4] = "Pink Square",
    [5] = "Yellow Star",
    [6] = "Red Star",
    [7] = "Purple Star",
    [8] = "Green Star",
    [9] = "Pink Star",
    [10] = "Pink Star",

    saving the changes, and reloading ur ui will finally import the whole metamap notes into cartographer (at least worked for me) and the former box-boundaries are now marked with the pink stars. U may also take other icons but then u have to mod the metamap icon pack(as far as i guess)..

    Hope this may help some who are still stuck.

    ps. im not a coder, just able to dig into stuff
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