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    Hello, This is my UI and a list of mods i used.

    Link: http://www.triumph-design.com/ts/pewpewUI.jpg

    Quick impression:

    >>> List mods: <<<

    Panels & Homemade graphics
    - kgPanels
    - Photoshopped a Transformer eye (from the movie) Mail me if you want the same graphics. The panels are build up in 3 (Pewleft.tga / Pewmiddle.tga / Pewright.tga) My e-mail is info[at]triumph-design[dot]com

    Action Bars:
    - Bartender 4
    - ButtonFacade and ButtonFacade_Apathy skin.
    - CooldownCount (standard)

    User Frames:
    - Pitbull with Otravi skin (available in SharedMedia / LibSharedMedia-3.0) - ABF Font)

    - RicoMiniMap
    - MiniMapButtons (MBB) To have all you minimap buttons in one, wherever you want.

    Chat stuff:
    - Prat 3.0

    Buffs / Casting Bars:
    - Quartz (Otravi Skin - ABF Font)
    - ElkBuffBars (Otravi Skin - ABF Font)

    - Titan Panel: Standard
    - MoveAnything: Standard
    - OneBag3: Standard
    - SharedMedia
    - LibSharedMedia-3.0 (for skins / backgrounds / fonts)
    - CowTip (Tooltip mod)
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