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    posted a message on New undocumented functions in 2.4
    Am I right to assume that the new UnitGUID() function will possibly have the following consequences?

    • Threat-meters with GUID indexed tables, that will give you very accurate threat information on your current target (UnitGUID("target")) or on a leader-specified main-target (a leader-announced GUID).
    • DOT timers with GUID indexed debuff-tables (updated by monitoring the combat-log), that allow you to monitor very accurately the duration of buffs and debuffs on your current target. Independent of their origin.
    • Arena addons that will get the enemy's GUID on mouseover, with the ability to display real-time HP updates through GameTooltip:SetHyperlink("unit:" .. guid).

    Just want to know if this will really be possible, and arise the question whether is actually should be.
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    posted a message on Undocumented COMBAT_LOG_EVENT arguments
    So, how can you check for flags in your lua code?

    For example, to see if the log-entry target is identical to you player-target. (Flag 0x00010000)
    I guess the following would work:
    targetFlag = 0x00010000;
    destIsTarget = (math.floor(destFlag/targetFlag)%2 == 1) 

    I'm wondering though if there is an easier way. Something like bitwise comparators.

    Edit: Seems the answer was was just a single search away :P
    targetFlag = 0x00010000;
    destIsTarget = (, targetFlag) == targetFlag) 

    Still, something like a global "hasFlag" function would be nice.
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    Something strange seems to be going on with the packing hight.
    When not in combat the nameplates overlap, and as soon as I enter combat the packing hight seems to have some kind of minimum value quite a bit above what I want it to be.
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    I think I got it!
    The nameplate's relative frame is always it's parent. So by simply changing it's parent frame you will be able to change it's position.
    edit: ok it's only changing the scale of the nameplate. Moves it around on the screen, but can't be used to alter it's position.

    Regarding the disabling of the mouse. The 'simple' way I found is to just reduce the nameplate width and hight to 1. That'll cause the plates to overlap though.
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    Thanks, Roartindon. That's probably the best solution ;)

    Quote from Thortok2000 »

    It would be nice if the mouse sensitive area moved along with the actual display area. I move mine up by the maximum height possible so they get out of the way of !'s and ?'s above heads (and are now above them), but the mouse sensitive area is the (now empty) spot where it used to be. -.-

    Even if you 'disable mouse' the area is still there. So you wont be able to select units behind it.
    So you can't simply disable the mouse, hide the backdropframe and move up the healthbar either. EnableMouse(false) on backdropframe or nameplateframe didn't help :(

    I'll try to look at Blizzards code on the nameplates if I find the time. But I believe Roartindon would have found a workaround already if it existed.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Upon shapeshifting in 2.3 all skills in the 10th bar will be cleared.
    Took me a bit to figure out it's not related to paging.
    Similar Problems exists for BongoBar2.
    Relogging brings back the skills, until you shift. /reloadui doesn't.
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    I've been using Aloft quite some time now. It's a wonderful addon.

    Just updated to a newer version and had to user-mod the CoreModules/frame.lua file to suit my needs:
    231  backdropFrame:SetWidth(profile.width+healthBarProfile.width+8)
    232  backdropFrame:SetHeight(profile.height+healthBarProfile.height+8)

    Otherwise the border (Blizzard Tooltip) could not be sized to exactly fit the healthbar.
    You might consider changing this in the official version, allowing a smaller borderframe.

    Also I have another question/request:
    When fighting gnomes the nameplate is positioned very low, covering the gnome. That was one reason to get Aloft. With aloft the nameplate is smaller, only covering half the gnome :P
    My question would be if it is somehow possible to move the nameplates up a bit.

    I do know that the nameplate is basically a Blizzard-controlled frame. It's TOPCENTER is anchored to the BOTTOMLEFT of the Worldframe (with the offset adjusted to the creatures position). Re-anchoring it doesn't work, since BlizzardUI re-anchors it continuously.
    I managed to move up the healthbar and borderframe, however the mouse-sensitive area stayed the same :(
    Somehow I doubt it's possible to move a mouse-sensitive frame, still I wanted to ask. Maybe it's somehow possible to make the Blizzard script use an offset or a different anchor.
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