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    Hello all,

    I'm pretty new to modding, and my interest is mainly in RP additions to WoW. I'm trying to make profession/occupation and various other "diversity packs" that are useable in the TRP2 addon (which is widely used, so it will be easy for people to just plug in their desired package). Some of those are purely TRP2 based (no extra coding), and some include custom scripts to enhance the basic functionality.

    My question is, am I in the right place here? I want to put all my work in one place so people can access it easily, but it's not exactly an "addon", it will be a library of custom TRP2 creations. I couldn't find a TRP2 repository, and it's possible that it will be more appropriate making a blog-like site for the stuff, but I like this place and I'd use it if it is an appropriate location for my work.
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