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    How do I set up a frame that has both Main Tanks and Main Assists?
    I know you can set up two frames that has these but that would make them separated and not very useful to clear some space. (I try to keep my UI clutter to a minimum)

    The filter that is there at the moment only lets you select one of all types of units. It would be nice if there was a way of selecting multiple units for the same frame.

    I probably has missed some setting that does exactly this but I can't find it...

    Another thing I noticed while actually being ingame now is that the raid units are always stacked together. Is it some way of making them actually appear as in the groups they are in? Right now I have two members in Group 1 and myself in Group 2 but they all appear as in the same group on the pitbull frames.
    I found it! But it requires you to create one frame for each group, would be easier to just select "Growth direction" and then "Groups right/left", "Units down".
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