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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    I have a small question about TSI:

    1. In my normal Tradeskillwindow (Enchanting), there is a new Line. I think it is the "skill-requirment-line". It says thinks like 0/0/0/450 (or something like that).
    What does the numbers mean?

    2. In the same Window there is a new line named "reagenzien" or somethink like that. There are thinks like "c:6k-s:5k=p:-5k" (somethink like that). What is that for? What does the numbers mean?

    3. In the TSI-UI: When i disable all Tradeskills and only enable enchanting, all recieps are RED. When i enable "Player know" in "Avaliblity", and disable everthing else, the list is empty! But i am an enchanter (405) and i know some recieps...:-) Is this a bug?

    Thanks for helping!
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Can anybody tell me where i can set the Hotkeys in ORa2?
    For example "Assist MT1" or "Target MT"?!?
    Where can i set the Hotkeys?

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    posted a message on AG_Unitframe - Problem with "Spezial-Mounts"

    today i made the "Oculus". Thats where you have to call a dragon to ride on it.

    After landing, i try to disable the dragon (where i am sitting on), but the when i Right-Click my Picture, i get no option for leaveing the Mount.

    I have to log out, disable the addon and log in. In the default Units from Blizzard, there was an option "leave" when i rightclick my portrait...

    Is this a bug or is anything wrong with my config?

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    posted a message on bEQL
    I can't see the Archievment-Tracker-Window.

    In the Options is everything okay, but the Windows is nowhere on my screen. I tryed to reset the window-position, but still invisible...:(

    Where can i choose the archievments i want to track? In the normal archievment-window? There i can only choose one, but the tracker is still invisible...

    Can anybody help me pls?

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