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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    Would be great if i could somehow post the difference in stats on a piece of gear being rolled for.

    Maybe hold shift and ctrl and middle click a new item link?

    So many ignorant people I raid with who are unaware of what stats contribute to my priests over all peformance.
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    posted a message on ace and warhammer online - ?
    Creating ace based mods for warhammer will be far easier than you expect.
    + the NDA has been lifted now.
    + from what I can see warhammers usage of lua to implement the UI mirrors wow so closley, that making ace mods for war should be trivial.

    And no you will not have to change development platforms.
    you still use your pc/mac & you still edit lua.

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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    I'm working on getting latency safezone into the pitbull castbar modulem, but i am having various problems getting it to show

    not sure if i am using right kind of frame for the safezone or if i am modifing it's position/appearance in the right functions.

    can you please have a look at the pastey i have made see if you can point me in the right direction.

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    posted a message on Ways to extend the guild info possible?
    this would cost you copper coins, but mass mail?
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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    Caellian, Why is it when ever i make a change in your layout and do a /reloadui...the unitframes disapear?
    ie :
    #1 the backdrop, i changed the offsets to -4 did a reload....frames all gone.
    #2 the statusbar texture, i moved the statusbar texture from koskenago's layout into your folder...changed your references to the new texture...same thing frames all gone.

    I actually have to logout and back in again for any changes i make to take affect.

    previously, a /reloadui was enough to effect changes made on existing files and only had to exit the game to re-establish new files.

    I've actually given up and removed oUF alltogether, gone back to using pitbull and am considering hacking in a safezone for its castbar.
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    posted a message on Desktop Screenshots - Show us your non-WoW!
    I have been using ubuntu since breezy badger.

    1 - i dont understand the point of using virus scanners on linux. virus scanners exist becuase of a deficit in a popular commercial operating system. one that was created on purpose imo.

    2 - with a core duo 2.3ghz and 2gb 800mhz ram and a nvidia 8800gt...wow runs the same as it did when i was using windows 1month ago. right now im on ubuntu hardy.

    Quote from Avanina »

    If Mint's got a forum for Wine, I suggest posting on it. If not, register an account on Ubuntu's forums, as they do have a Wine subforum - I am sure you can get a response there.

    linuxmint is just ubuntu with a different set of default programs nd a different theme. The difference is skin deep, so any thing you can apply to ubuntu can be applied to linuxmint.

    Quote from Avanina »

    3) I haven't really been installing much; I'm surprised how well packed Ubuntu comes with by default (Mint should be the same, as they share repos IIRC). I try to avoid the terminal as much as possible, since I really don't want to mess anything up. Any time I read about a sudo command, I am cautious, as this gives full administration privileges and therefore it is easy to run a bad sudo and delete important files.

    You really ought to learn how to use the terminal. It is the most powerful tool at your disposal.
    safest way for you to do this is aim to get a virtual machine running...so you can do all further experiments inside a safe sandbox

    Quote from Avanina »

    4) I mentioned AWN before, but it's since been mentioned again. XD For other customization, I haven't dabbled much, but http://www.gnome-look.org/ might be a spot to check out. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a "mint-look" site, too.

    repeat my sentence above about linuxmint being ubuntu. anything at gnome-look.org will work with linuxmint.

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    posted a message on Guild Reputation
    addon you are looking for is called karma player tracking.

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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    I wanted a latency safezone in the oUF_castbar :

    File: oUF_Castbar.lua
    Insert at line 24

    and further down insert at line 176
    if(self.Castbar.safezone) then 
    	castTime = (self.maxValue - self.startTime) * 1000;
    	safeZonePercent = ( (self:GetWidth() / castTime ) * select(3,GetNetStats()) );
    	if (safeZonePercent >= 100) then safeZonePercent = 100 end;
    	self.Castbar.safezone:SetWidth((self:GetWidth() / 100) * safeZonePercent);

    In your layout file in addition to the already specified bars for casting add :
    local safezone = castbar:CreateTexture(nil,"ARTWORK");
       castbar.safezone = safezone;

    layout code :

    modified oUF_Castbar :
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Kerecha »

    4: I don't think its possible to make one text inte 2 lines.

    This is mine :

    [Outline Status or (-MissingHP):Hide(0)]

    I just use shift+enter to make a new line, it doesnt reposition it self back up to the top though. If nothing is to be displayed on first line then bottom line stays where it is.
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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.1
    Here's an adapted version for 3.1 that works from within an addon (I'm using it in my branch version of TooltipExchange):

    Where would i get your branch? I've been trying to update the tooltipexchange found on wowinterface with the new pt3 libs, but the TTE can't find the itemsearch function, even when i copy it into the new PT# main lib.

    I've re-referenced all the calls to pt3.0 to pt3.1 and still no luck.

    edit: just a thought, maybe the autobar i have running wont allow the pt3.1 modified version i have with TTE to load and thus it's not findingh the imported function from pt3.0 . may have to put the function in autobars embedded lib of pt3.1 ?
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    posted a message on Item Database addons (ItemSync, TooltipExchange, etc.)
    tooltip exchange is the only one (apart from atlas loot) that provides stat based searchs and listing of boss drops? or am i wrong?
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    posted a message on Omen2
    Hi guys, really appreciate the effort you put into this mod. and i have a request :

    Would it be possible to have an option for healer mode use my focus target as an alternative to the maintank/mainassist or ora2 targets?
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    posted a message on Is there an addon that shows bank content away from home?
    OneBag and Bagnon have caches

    They are also able to show alts bags and banks whilst being the neatest implimentations of this feature by far.

    bagnon also shows info in tooltips about this same data too.
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    posted a message on CoolDownButtons - Offical Thread
    Would like to have announcements sent to :
    - raid if I am in raid
    - party if i am in party

    failing that allow us a text field to type in our channel, as prat has smartgroup slash command '/gr'

    Also, would like to configure which spells i want announcements to be sent for. In Certain dungeons, raids etc I have desired some of my important cooldowns to be announced via the appropriate group channel.

    ie nightbane, announcing fearward cooldown ready in 30/15/5sec is useful for the tank...

    which lastly bring another request, multiple points in time where the announce is sent like i mentioned above at 30sec remaining, at 15sec remaining and 5sec remaining.
    This of course should be configurable to how each player wants each of their spells announced

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    posted a message on Looking for this Addon on ACE Basis. Is there something similar?
    and a handy announce feature when the cooldown is up.

    announce to who? yourself or the raid/party.

    And will it announce pending cooldown readiness? ie 30sec prior to cooldown expiring, it prints in raid/praty chat: "Y will be ready in X"
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