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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from sylvanaar
    Well, now that Prat has added AltLib, you can load the alt information via an external addon.

    Somone just needs to write one. Every guild does things a little different, plus not everyone can see the officer comment anyways right.

    I'll include a sample MyGuildAlts addon that shows how to store/load alt data

    Thanks, was hoping to have it built in to avoid having to use a third party but I'd be more than happy to write a separate one to use with Prat.

    Hope to see the sample soon :D
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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Is the altname module currently working as intended?

    My question is because we used to have in our officers notes alt names with the pattern "mainmame's alt" and that seemed to work pretty good but now with the introduction of the epgp dkp system to the guild it requires that the officer notes contain the name of the main exactly how it is spelled (With the "'s alt" at the end) and we like to allow players to have the public notes for personal use.

    This leads to the altname module picking the public notes and having ppl's alt names as "BS and Miner" and such.

    Can this be fixed? Maybe an option to force using the officer notes or maybe checking whether the officer note contains the name of another character with the proper spelling?


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    posted a message on ArkInventory v3
    Is there anyway to change the Arkinventory strata?

    I have chinchilla's clock on top of my fubar but to get that to work I have to change chinchilla's strata to something like dialog or fullscreen or tooltip (Otherwise fubar just stays on top of chinchilla) but then chinchilla also stays on top of arkinventory.

    Is it possible to have an option to change the strata of the arkinv window (Or can somebody tell me how can I get fubar with a low strata, chinchilla with a medium strata and arkinventory with high strata so they all appear on top of each other in the order presented)?
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