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    Quick question: I've shifted the editbox (Free-floating, locked) to where I want it, which was great until RealID came in. Now whenever I move a RealID conversation into it's own tab the editbox moves to be under that (annoying when I have my chat boxes right at the bottom of the screen with the editbox further up). It only happens when you actually have the RealID conversation selected (as is in focus, not just simply visible), so it's not a *huge* issue, and it doesn't happen with any other tabs, just conversations.

    Are there any plans to make the conversation editbox movable too, or is that more awkward than it sounds?
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    Quest Log issue (btw, should we just be reporting these here, or submitting tickets?):

    The fuctionality of 'shift-left clicking' on a location header in the quest log and having it set all the quests in that location to watched is broken since 3.0.

    As best I can tell, the error is because function beql:Hooks_QuestLogTitleButton_OnClick(button) in questlog.lua no longer gets passed a simple string of "LeftButton" or similar, it now gets passed a hash of an rgb value and a userdata object (seems to be some way of passing C structs into lua? I'm not very up on the language) which I was unable to decode via WoW, so the check of

    if button == "LeftButton" then

    on line 284 always returns false, and the code within the if never executes.

    I couldn't work out how to tell which button had been pressed (If any of the people out there know, please tell me/make your own modifications to fix it). My hacky workaround was to comment out the check for button press on line 284, and the end of the if statement on line 342, so that it works when *any* button is pressed with shift. This seems reasonable, as there are no shift-right click options for a location header.
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