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    Did you queue all crafts with stuff that are in your bags, or just stuff in your bank or un other characters ?
    For me, it works only with stuff in my bags.
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    I have a little problem with the French client of wow (i don't have this bug with the US client).
    When i try to retrieve some stuff in my bank with the shoping list features, i have this message "Could not find bag space for" (in french).
    This error appen all the time for eveything and just with the french version of wow (i juste have the FR and US version).
    My bags are not full at all, but when i remove some stuff in my main bag (the 20slot given with created characters) the function works until this bag is full
    and then when skillet try to find some place in my other bags, it tells me that my bags are full again.

    I try skillet with my bag's or interface addons diseabled and nothing change. (this same addon or intalled in my US client of wow too)

    I also try to open the file ShoppingList.lua, and i think there is a problem with wow FR between the lines 235 to 312.
    I don't understand the language of this files ( I'm not good with that).

    Please help me (if you can)

    (Else I finished the translation of the french version of the "Locale-frFR.lua" file if somebody need it)
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