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    Having a addon that notifies when Bloodsurge procs so you don't forget to slam would be very helpful, at least it would for me.

    SCT addons like Parrot and so forth have a notification for it but at least in my case i never notice the notification and must rely either keep an watchful eye on my buff frame or watch for bloodthirst crits. If you could maybe have the slam button flash or glow in some way when the proc occurs would be very helpful.

    I apologize if there is already which does this.
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    I am having some problems with scripting in kgPanels.

    What im trying to do is making a background load when i target something, it is working but there is alwyas a 0,1-1 second delay before the background pops up after clicking the target and it's very noticeable. I remember using this with omen and recount and there wasn't any delay when i opened them.

    This is the code im using
    if UnitExists("target") then

    If anyone knows if this is possible to fix or if im doing this completely wrong, i'd appreciate the help.
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