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    hey, nice addon but i miss 1 thing (or it doesnt work for me)
    In WSG when somone take flag i see name right from flag icon but is it possible when i clik on name to automaticly target it (very usefull for priest to fast mind vision if in range)

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    first of all this is great addon .. very nice job.

    I did play with it alot and so far i did use PRaid, so what i am missing here is to see buffs that ppl have or need.

    My idea id that u can make "n" views (2 are actually enough) and u can fast switch between them (hotkey).
    So i have 1 view that showing in corners/borders agro, debuffs, low mana, low health, and when i wanna buff i switch to view 2 where same corners/boders shows what buffs person need ( i put top left corner - PW:F, right corner Spirit buff .. etc)

    I started to read if there was already posts about it but 33 pages was to much :) .. so i am sorry if this was already debated.
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