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    posted a message on WhoDrop
    Sooo, I had some spare time ... I guess. So I updated the data that I could find and added it to WhoDrop.
    Got no idea of the rest that's why I only included the .lua files. Feel free to download it: http://files.filefront.com/WhoDrop+luaOnlyrar/;10302462;/fileinfo.html
    . Would be great i someone could include it in the main files (those from files.wowace.com).

    Corrected some spelling mistakes and shortened some information (i.e. Arathi Basin => AB and the likes. Hopefully you'll understand them as I'm German). Some of the arranging might seem confusing and some tooltips aren't as helpful as before (especially Shattered Sun's jeweller's recipes) but otherwise you woulnd't stand a chance to look through all the rewards.

    And no, it won't help at all if you ask me anything about this as I honestly don't have a clue and probably won't touch WD in the near future. Adding those items was more of a secretary's job than anything else.
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    posted a message on ag_Unitframes: Is it possible to split group members?
    I was just wondering whether it is possible to split the party frames in two colums/rows, meaning members 1&2 left and 3&4 right or something like that.
    (I changed my UI and now I don't have enough room to have all 4 frames expand in the same direction.)

    Would be great to get an answer! (atm I'm using Grid for this but it is not the way I'd like it best)
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