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    I recently started to redo my UI and decided to use kgPanels aswell. I looked around here and there for idees and found this compilation that is called LUI and he had done a sidebar that apears as you hover over a panel and disapears when you exit, i checked his code and basically replicated what he had done but i am not entierly satisfied with the result.

    Here is the code i use for when the actionbar3 is "hidden". UIParent as parentframe aswell.

    local sps = kgPanels:FetchFrame("spshown")

    And here is the code i use for when the actionbar3 is "visiable". UIParent as parentframe aswell.

    local sph = kgPanels:FetchFrame("sphidden")

    The problem comes when i leave the actionbar3 and move of the edge to quick it doesnt seem to register that i have left the panel and the panel is left open untill i nudge it and move out. I've tried to change the level on the panel so it is above the ActionBar but ofc then i cannot click on the buttons.

    Is there any way to work around this or do i need to rethink?

    I started out with having the actionbar fade out, parent a frame to it and hide/show the bars with OnShow and OnHide but it didnt work at all for some reason. To me this seemed the best solution but maybe OnShow and OnHide doesnt trigger from a panel fading in and out with its parent.

    Another problem i encounterd was when i implemented a panel that expanded over FortExorcist's cooldownbar so that when there was cooldowns a panel coverd that aswell as some actionbars and a castbar. Problem became that when this bar vanish it fades out and therefor the bar also fades out making the transition become unbarable. Is there any way of getting a panel to not fade with its parent or i need to look at this with a different aproach aswell?

    Thanks for the hints/tips in advance. \o.
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    Is it codewise easy to make it ignore fading of hostile target? This cause it is as a healer pretty anoying when it fades a hostile target cause you cannot use your range check spell on that target.
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    gotcha, sorry for wasting your time =)
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    I've recently swapped from Confab to Prat due to that Prat have a few extra features that are not present in Confab and the person that updated Confab has quit playing WoW and one can't realy demand a person to continue updating his mod if he aint even playing the game ... anyhow, read back a few pages, so many posts in this thread so i hope i didnt miss a response to some similar request / sugestion and if so i ask for forgivness in advance.

    Enough pladder and onto the question, in Confab there was a feature to *always* display the editbox, this is the one and only thing i realy miss in Prat to make it earn a top page in my book. Is there any plans, or is there already such feature in Prat?

    Thanks in Advance.
    - TarX
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    Quote from Alekc »

    Quote from Nevcairiel »
    Just an update:
    - Pet Bar shows Cooldown Count now
    - Right-Click self casting is back
    - Using Shift-<n> or any other form of manual paging works again.
    - Secondary key bindings should work as well now

    Any planned fixes to get the macro like "/cast [button:1]Conjure Food; [button:2] Conjure Water" back to work ?..

    Ya, also interested in getting this fixed asap. and how i tried before i realized it was Bar3's fault it didnt work ^^
    Anyhow, love this mod ... doing a *great* work with it =)
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