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    I searched through the thread for "Magtheridon" and "Omen" specifically and did not find anything, but if I missed it I apologize for repeating.

    About two weeks ago I got my entire guild to go ahead and switch to Omen and either disable or delete KTM all together. Last night I noticed (according to my Omen) that no one was really close to me in threat (I am the MT). The second person on the list was about 60K below me and I asked on Vent if people were holding back and the entire raid claimed that 3 people were pushing 110% (which is over me) and several were holding just below me. Luckily my wife sits 2 feet away from me and I asked her to verify and she did so I asked her to tell me what my threat was so I could compare with my Omen and according to hers I was pushing around 50 to 300 TPS where as on my screen at the same time I was pushing between 600 and 800 TPS.

    I had everyone verify that they at least had KTM disabled or deleted and I ran the version checker and everyone was running compatible versions with exception to a Holy Paladin that was not running KTM or Omen at all. I did manage to take a screenshot (and I got my wife to at the same time) of the dramatic threat differences.

    Anyone have a clue as to what could be happening?
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